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Hyperlipaemia in a laminitic pony following imposition of dietary restriction and in-feed medications
  1. Claire E Dixon
  1. Equine Department, Castle Veterinary Surgeons, Co Durham, UK
  1. Correspondence to
    Claire E Dixon, clairedixon8{at}


Laminitis remains an important and frequently encountered condition in first-opinion practice. With obesity highly prevalent in the equine population and our understanding of the role of insulin resistance in laminitis, improving insulin sensitivity has become central to the management of many laminitis cases. This report presents a case of hyperlipaemia induced in a laminitic pony following changes in management. The mare had many of the risk factors associated with development of hyperlipaemia and displayed typical clinical signs. The mare was managed conservatively by encouraging feed intake with grass and recovered uneventfully. This case serves as a reminder that owners of obese animals should be warned to monitor for signs of sudden anorexia or decreased food intake below the level of imposed dietary restriction as this could be associated with the development of hyperlipaemia.

  • hyperlipaemia
  • Obesity
  • Nutrition
  • Laminitis
  • Metabolic diseases
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