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Acquired salivary mucoceles in two domestic ferrets (Mustela putorius furo)
  1. Inge Thas
  1. DAP Thas, Heerweg-Zuid 9, Zwijnaarde 9052, Belgium
  1. Correspondence to Inge Thas, inge{at}


Ferret 1 was a seven-year-old entire male ferret that was presented with a unilateral swelling on the head and ipsilateral exophthalmos. Cytology of the fluid inside the mass, histopathology of the wall and (contrast) radiographs led to diagnosis of a zygomatic mucocele. Marsupialisation provided only temporary relief and total excision of the zygomatic salivary gland was indicated. A CT scan performed before surgery demonstrated the extent of the mucocele around the zygomatic arch. Although excision of the salivary gland went uneventfully, atrophy of the temporalis muscle was observed postoperatively. Temporary unilateral facialis nerve paralysis developed immediately post surgery. Ferret 2 was a two-year-old entire male ferret with a history of regurgitation that was presented with a painless fluctuant mandibular swelling. Cytology of the fluid inside the mass led to presumptive diagnosis of a mandibular mucocele. The mass was surgically excised and histopathology of the removed tissue led to the diagnosis of a mandibular salivary gland mucocele with concurrent adenoma.

  • Clinical practice
  • Exotics
  • Surgery
  • Ferrets
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