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Successful management of infected wounds in a fallow deer (Dama dama)


A two-year-old female fallow deer (Dama dama) weighing 29.6 kg was presented with multiple, large and heavily infected wounds at the right mammary, inguinal and femoral areas, caused by the antlers of a male fallow deer five days earlier, lameness of the right hindlimb, anorexia and general dullness. Radiography revealed no fractures. The deer was anaesthetised with a mixture of pethidine, xylazine, ketamine and isoflurane and the wounds were lavaged under pressure and debrided. Some of the wounds were sutured and drained, while others were left to heal by second intention. Topical and systemic antibiotics were administered. Two days postoperatively the deer's condition was greatly improved and one month later all the wounds were completely healed. It seems that following the principles of wound management may effectively treat large and heavily infected wounds in cervids.

  • Deer
  • Wound management
  • Soft tissue surgery
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