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Bipartite portosystemic shunt with single insertion: a rare congenital vascular anomaly in a dog
  1. Paul Francis Carlton and
  2. Gawain Hammond
  1. Small Animal Hospital, Glasgow University, Glasgow, Strathclyde, G61 1QH, UK
  1. Correspondence to Paul Francis Carlton, 0403686c{at}


A case of a bipartite extra hepatic portosystemic shunt is described in a one-year-old, male entire Maltese Terrier breed dog. On CT angiography, one vessel was visibly a portocaval shunt with the other vessel arising from the splenic vein. Both vessels formed a single insertion to the caudal vena cava cranial to the right renal vein which was managed successfully surgically via placement of a 6 mm ameroid constrictor. Multiple portosystemic shunts in dogs have been reported but to the authors’ knowledge this is the first case of a bipartite origin, single insertion portosystemic shunt reported in a dog.

  • Vascular surgery
  • Ultrasonography
  • Computed tomography (CT)
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