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Sodium ion and water intoxication syndrome in two pet miniature pigs (Sus scrofa)
  1. Maria Ardiaca,
  2. Andrés Montesinos,
  3. Cristina Bonvehí,
  4. Marina Cuesta,
  5. Sara Barrera and
  6. Alicia Gómez
  1. Centro Veterinario Los Sauces, Madrid, Spain
  1. Correspondence to Dr Maria Ardiaca, cvsauces{at}


This article describes the clinical signs, laboratory findings and clinical management in two pet miniature pigs presenting with acute neurological signs due to sodium ion and water intoxication syndrome. Both animals suffered from chronic water deprivation until they had access to water and were allowed to drink freely. Particularities of the therapeutic approach and options depending on the type of the electrolytic imbalance are discussed. Treatment options must be considered carefully and depend on the clinical signs and the type of the electrolytic imbalance present at the time of presentation. Client education must specifically include the mention that pigs require a continuous access to fresh water since they are particularly sensitive to sodium ion toxicity and water deprivation.

  • Pigs
  • salt poisoning
  • water intoxication
  • miniature swine
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