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Enterectomy for treatment of small intestinal segmental volvulus secondary to dietary obstruction in a dog
  1. Ross M Allan
  1. The Pets‘n’Vets Family, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK
  1. Correspondence to Ross M Allan, ross.allan{at}


A four-year-old 32 kg neutered female golden retriever dog presented with a two-day history of intermittent vomiting, inappetence and lethargy whilst fed an exclusively bones and raw food diet. Clinical examination and radiography was consistent with intestinal obstruction, while biochemical and haematological samples were unremarkable. The dog recovered well after exploratory coeliotomy at which segmental small intestinal volvulus involving the jejunum was diagnosed and successfully managed with enterectomy. The presentation of segmental volvulus was atypical in this case due to its insidious onset in contrast to the dramatic findings at coeliotomy. Whilst segmental volvulus in the dog is a rare occurrence, this case serves to increase the description of its clinical onset as well as suggesting a likely dietary contribution in its occurrence.

  • Abdominal
  • Surgery
  • Soft tissue surgery
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