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Bilateral testicular tumours of mixed origin in a Kune Kune boar
  1. Helen J Williams and
  2. Ranieri Verin
  1. School of Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool, Neston, UK
  1. Correspondence to Helen J Williams, helen.williams{at}

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A pet Kune Kune boar with an estimated age of 7 years old was presented with bilateral scrotal swelling.

The right testicle and left testicle measured approximately 15–20 cm and 8–10 cm in diameter, respectively, and both testes felt abnormally firm.

Ultrasound examination revealed soft tissue density with anechoic areas approximately 5 mm in diameter throughout; no normal testicular structure was evident.

Bilateral castration was performed using a closed technique with the boar anaesthetised.

Grossly, the cut surface of the right testicle was effaced by a multilobular to diffuse neoplastic …

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