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Re-emergence of the Schmallenberg virus associated triad hydranencephaly-micromyelia-arthrogryposis in a newborn calf in Belgium, 2016


Schmallenberg virus (SBV) emerged in Germany in 2011, then spread rapidly across Europe, causing an epizootic outbreak of abortion, stillbirth and birth at term of lambs, kids and calves with neurological signs and/or musculoskeletal malformations. SBV-associated disease in newborns disappeared in Belgium in 2013. Here, the authors describe a SBV genomic RNA-positive malformed calf born in May 2016. It reveals the return of SBV circulation during the fall of 2015 in the said area.

  • Belgium
  • Schmallenberg virus
  • Cattle
  • Orthobunyavirus
  • Ruminants
  • vector-borne infections
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