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Salmonella hepatic abscess as a sequel to liver lobectomy and biopsy in a dog with hepatocellular adenoma


A dog underwent complete surgical excision of a hepatocellular adenoma by right lateral liver lobectomy and incisional biopsy of a regenerative hepatic nodule of the left lateral lobe. The dog re-presented eight months later with weakness, pyrexia and elevated liver enzymes. CT demonstrated a large irregular isodense left liver mass. The mass was resected by left lateral liver lobectomy. Histopathology and culture revealed hepatic abscess with Salmonella species. Surgery was followed by a six-week course of cephalexin, resulting in cure.

This is the first report of successful treatment of hepatic abscess involving Salmonella species in a dog, following liver lobectomy and liver biopsy for management of hepatocellular adenoma. This report highlights hepatic abscesses as a potential late complication of surgery for hepatocellular neoplasia; reviews potential challenges in diagnosing hepatic abscesses on the basis of ultrasound and CT; and demonstrates successful treatment of hepatic salmonellosis, a potential zoonotic infection.

  • hepatic abscess
  • salmonellosis
  • hepatocellular adenoma
  • liver lobectomy
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