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Pyogranulomatous meningoencephalitis in a dog
  1. Sarah Keegan,
  2. Guillaume Ruiz,
  3. Michael Day,
  4. Tristan Alexander Cogan and
  5. Francois-Xavier Liebel
  1. University of Bristol School of Veterinary Sciences, Small Animal Medicine, Langford, UK
  1. Correspondence to Ms Sarah Keegan; sarahkeegan11{at}


Meningoencephalitis defines a pathological inflammation of the brain parenchyma and meninges classically dichotomised into infectious and non-infectious meningoencephalitides. Pyogranulomatous meningoencephalitides have been sporadically reported in the veterinary literature associated with various infectious agents (Mycobacteria species, Cladophialophora bantiana or Actinomyces species). The following outlines a case of pyogranulomatous meningoencephalitides suspected secondary to Aureimonas altamirensis infection. To the authors' knowledge, this is only the second report of A. altamirensis resulting in clinical disease in a dog.

  • pyogranulomatous
  • meningoencephalitis
  • aureimonas altamirensis
  • canine
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