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Surgical correction of four cases of hydrometra in ewes


Four nulliparous, pet, merino ewes from the same property were evaluated at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University, Western Australia, over a one-year period. The ewes presented with a history of chronic serosanguinous vaginal discharge. Age ranged from 5 to 11 years. Medical treatment with cloprostenol (Juramate, Jurox) and oxytocin (Syntocin, Ilium) failed in two ewes. A decision to surgically manage the cases was made. Midline laparotomy and surgical ovariohysterectomy resulted in permanent resolution of clinical signs. The first uterus and ovaries were submitted for histopathological examination and hydrometra was confirmed. Hydrometra is a known cause of infertility in sheep however more frequently noted as an incidental finding on abattoir specimens. It is an uncommon histopathological diagnosis. This case report expands the differentials for vaginal discharge in ewes, provides details of surgical correction of hydrometra and highlights the increased likelihood of unusual clinical presentations in older livestock kept as pets.

  • sheep
  • hydrometra
  • surgery
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