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Chronic pneumonia and focal bronchiectasis in a Siberian husky dog
  1. Sivert Nerhagen1 and
  2. Robert E Shiel2
  1. 1 Royal Veterinary College, Clinical Services Division, Clinical Services, Hatfield, London, University College Dublin School of Veterinary Medicine, Dublin, Ireland
  2. 2 University College Dublin School of Veterinary Medicine, Dublin, Ireland
  1. Correspondence to Dr Sivert Nerhagen; snerhagen7{at}


An eight-year-old male Siberian husky dog was evaluated for chronic coughing. Thoracic radiography revealed a diffuse bronchointerstitial pattern and dilatation of the left cranial and left caudal lobar bronchi. Bronchoscopy confirmed marked dilatation of the primary bronchi in the left cranial and caudal lung lobes. Bronchoalveolar lavage revealed septic, neutrophilic inflammation. A diagnosis of severe, focal, cylindrical bronchiectasis secondary to chronic bronchopneumonia was made. Initially, the dog responded well to antimicrobial therapy; however, clinical signs returned after cessation of therapy and generalised bronchiectasis developed after seven months. Chronic bacterial bronchopneumonia should be considered as a cause of focal and generalised bronchiectasis in dogs.

  • bronchiectasis
  • chronic cough
  • pneumonia
  • bacterial diseases
  • streptococci
  • dog
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  • Contributors SN wrote the initial draft of this document and oversaw parts of the treatment. RES oversaw treatment and made final edits to the case report.

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