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Combined abdominal and targeted perineal approach for omentalisation of a canine paraprostatic cyst


A male entire boxer was presented for investigation of haematuria and urinary incontinence. Rectal examination identified bilateral perineal herniation and enlargement of the prostate. Ultrasonographic and radiographic findings were consistent with diffuse prostatic enlargement and intrapelvic paraprostatic cyst formation, with mineralisation of the cyst wall. Omentalisation of the cyst was carried out in conjunction with colopexy and vas deferens pexy. The dog was represented two weeks later with severe dysuria, urinary retention, tenesmus and recurrent haematuria. A combined abdominal and targeted perineal surgical approach was performed to allow omentalisation of the cyst from the region of the bladder to the perineal fossa. One-year follow-up confirmed resolution of clinical signs. A combined abdominal and perineal technique for omentalisation of intrapelvic paraprostatic cysts is a novel technique, which can be used when faced with reduced surgical exposure within the pelvic cavity.

  • prostate
  • dogs
  • soft tissue surgery
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