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Fatal strongyloidiasis in a puppy from France


The present case report describes fatal strongyloidiasis in a three-month-old male dog born in France without any travel history. It presented unconscious and in hypothermia at the clinic, without any prodromal symptoms the hour before. The animal was hospitalised and treatments were initiated. Investigations revealed blood eosinophilia and first-stage larvae of Strongyloides stercoralis on stool smear. Following these results, treatment with fenbendazole was initiated. After a short-lived improvement of the puppy’s clinical condition, it rapidly deteriorated, leading to the death of the animal. The necropsy revealed congestion of the small intestine mucosa and the presence of different stages of S. stercoralis. This parasitic disease is poorly described in France and might be underdiagnosed. Our clinical case should serve as a reminder to veterinary clinicians of its occurrence in Europe and potential fatal evolution and to discuss the difficulties of its diagnosis and treatment.

  • dogs
  • parasitology
  • nematodes
  • gastrointestinal

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