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Buttress plating of a Salter-Harris type III distal radial physeal fracture in a miniature dachshund


A Salter-Harris type III left distal radial physeal fracture in a miniature dachshund was stabilised using a medially applied 1.5-mm veterinary cuttable plate in buttress fashion and seven 1.5-mm cortical screws. Lameness resolved following surgery and the outcome was optimal, with long-term follow-up including veterinary examination and radiography 18 months following surgery revealing no lameness, no muscle atrophy, symmetrical carpal range of motion and no evidence of implant-related complications or carpal periarticular new bone formation. There are few reports in the veterinary literature of Salter-Harris type III fractures and, besides humeral condylar fracture repair, few reports of true buttress plating.

  • buttress plate
  • fracture
  • radius
  • dog
  • canine
  • orthopaedics
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