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Amputation to treat osteomyelitis of the metatarsus in two partially domesticated springboks (Antidorcas marsupialis)


Two springboks were diagnosed with chronic osteomyelitis of the metatarsus of the left hindlimb. The springboks had both suffered open fractures of the metatarsus of the left hindlimb 12 weeks and one week prior to presentation. External coaptation had initially been used to give stability and encourage fracture healing. This had proved unsuccessful in both cases and an infection and osteomyelitis had developed at the fracture sites. Two amputations had been subsequently performed in case 1 but had failed to resolve infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. An osteomyelitis of the underlying metatarsus had developed. No treatment apart from external coaptation had been performed before referral in case 2. Surgical amputation of the metatarsus and tarsus was performed as salvage procedures in both cases. The springboks adjusted to the loss of the left tarsus and metatarsus with no orthopaedic disorders at re-examinations 12 months after surgery.

  • gait analysis
  • lameness
  • orthopaedics
  • trauma
  • wildlife
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