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Laryngopharyngeal mucosal fold causing upper airway obstruction in a dog


A 2.4-kg, six-year-old, sterilised, male Pomeranian presented with dyspnoea that had begun two years prior and slowly progressed. Pharyngoscopy identified a redundant laryngopharyngeal mucosal fold that was being aspirated cranially into the laryngeal opening causing upper airway obstruction. A diode laser was used to resect the fold. Postoperative laryngeal oedema necessitated the use of a tracheostomy tube for just over two days. Otherwise, the dog made an uneventful recovery. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first report of a redundant laryngopharyngeal mucosal fold resulting in upper airway obstruction in a dog.

  • laryngopharyngeal mucosal fold
  • upper airway obstruction
  • diode laser
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