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Mammals (other)
Endometrial osseous metaplasia and endometritis in a Thoroughbred broodmare
  1. Victoria Savage
  1. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Bristol, Langford, UK
  1. Correspondence to Victoria Savage; vs17263{at}


Endometrial osseous metaplasia is a condition characterised by the presence of mature bone fragments within the endometrium. It is rarely reported in human beings and other domestic mammals, but to the author’s knowledge has not previously been recognised in horses. This case describes a Thoroughbred broodmare presented for breeding evaluation 14 days postpartum. No previous reproductive abnormalities had been identified. Transrectal ultrasonography of the reproductive tract identified multifocal, well-defined, irregular hyperechoic structures with acoustic shadowing within the uterine wall. Following a single, unsuccessful, reproductive cycle, the fragments were manually removed. Histopathology identified osseous metaplasia and septic endometritis. A combination of intrauterine treatments were implemented, including lavage, infusion with both N-acetylcysteine and antibiotics. Chemical curettage was performed using an intrauterine kerosene infusion to remove the remaining microspicules and resolve the endometritis. The mare successfully conceived twin embryos. Following manual ablation of one conceptus, the remaining pregnancy was successfully carried to term.

  • fertility
  • infection
  • horses
  • infertility
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