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Acute, fulminant hepatic and renal failure and subsequent death following Amanita phalloides ingestion in a 4-month-old puppy
  1. Catarina Amorim
  1. Beaumont Sainsburys Animal Hospital, Royal Veterinary College, London, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Miss Catarina Amorim; catarina.amorim89{at}


This report documents a case of intoxication and subsequent death following ingestion of Amanita phalloides occurring in a 4-month-old cocker spaniel. The patient presented for investigation of acute vomiting, icterus and progressive obtundation. Clinical history identified exposure and ingestion of mushrooms on the day of presentation. Serum biochemistry revealed marked hypoglycaemia, hyperbilirubinaemia, increased serum alanine transferase and alkaline phosphatase activity. Within 24 hours, the patient’s mentation worsened and anuria was identified. Serial biochemistry analysis revealed worsening of hepatic parameters and impaired renal function. Mushrooms provided by the owner were later identified as A phalloides species by a fungal expert. Based on the patient’s clinical presentation and diagnostic investigations, the presumptive diagnosis was acute hepatic and renal failure following mushroom ingestion. Unfortunately, death occurred within 36 hours despite aggressive therapeutic measures.

  • mycotoxins - fungal toxins
  • hepatotoxicity
  • acute kidney injury
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