Reference values of cell blood count and biochemical parameters performed in the five cases described

Reference range
Haematocrit (%)37–55
Haemoglobin12–18 g/dl120–180 g/l
Red blood cell (x1012/l)5.5–8.5
White blood cell (x109/l)6.0–17.0
Albumin2.4–3.9 g/dl24–39 g/l
Alanine aminotransferase10–66 U/l0.16–1.056 µkat/l
Aspartate aminotransferase10–23 U/l0.16–0.416 µkat/l
Creatinine0.5–1.3 mg/dl44–150 µmol/l
Alkaline phosphatase15–120 U/l0.24–1.92 µkat/l
Glucose74–126 mg/dl4.2–6.6 mmol/l
Serum total protein5.8–7.5 g/dl58–75 g/l
Urea15–57 mg/dl2.9–10.0 mmol/l
Thyroxine1.48–4.5 µg/dl12.9–55.5 µmol/l
TSH (UI/ml)0–0.59 UI/ml0.4–4.8 mUI/l
Urinary specific gravity1.015–1.050
Urine protein/creatinine ratio<0.5
  • TSH, thyroid stimulating hormone.